The Portal Closes

As the portal closes, one can still hear the echoes of song and feel the warmth of friendship. The food and dancing are done. We are tired and elated at the memories. But as the seasons turn, once more we shall return.

Greetings fellow fluffs,

Furry Fiesta 2019 was a huge success. I am humbled to have been apart of it. I’m not sure where to begin. We hit the record attendance of 4844. This was an incredible 25% jump from our previous year of 3866. As one walked the floor of the convention, there was definitely an energy. So many people were having so much fun. Embracing old friends and welcoming new ones. New attendees dazzled by the swirl of activity and veteran attendees filled with enthusiasm. It is always amazing watching the work from our incredible staff come together, then given life by our attendees.

Now is the time that our incredible staff takes a well-deserved break even as we start to turn our attention to the next year. As we wrap up and reflect upon 2019, we are constantly seeking ways to improve. We are taking a close look at everything at every level of the convention and asking if we can do better and offer more. If you wish to join us in making next year even greater, we encourage you to apply for staff. Once we have done our internal review, we will reach out.

Speaking of next year, stay tuned for information regarding our opening Registration, Room Block, Dealer’s Den Applications, and more. You can stay up to date with all the latest Furry Fiesta news in a number of places:

On a personal note, I need to thank my staff. I was largely unable to talk during the weekend. But the staff of TFF are absolutely incredible and were able to handle everything I was unable to manage. I want to especially thank Path for taking my place in Opening and Closing Ceremonies. I am in awe at the professionalism, capability, and fluffiness of all Furry Fiesta staff. My pathetic squawks were far overshadowed by their competence and compassion. Thank you. *pathetic grateful squawk*

But… what is that in the distance? The ground shakes as the leviathan draws near. Ripples form in standing water. You cannot see the cause, but on the horizon, the trees shake. It is not yet, but soon, you must be ready. February 27th through March 1st, be prepared for the Kaiju Attack!

-Sable Gryphon
Furry Fiesta Con Chair


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