Furry Fiesta Partnerships

A Convention is a very resource-heavy event; it requires large amounts of time, energy, money and dedication. Furry Fiesta is non-profit, which in turn means that all money accrued for a given year is reinvested into the following year’s event. Many may not realize it, but TFF is staffed by a team of several hundred people, and requires a budget well into the six-digit ($150,000+) range. Partnerships with outside entities help us make our limited resources go further; for those entities who are vendors, we do what we can to help them in return by giving them a place in our Den. Typically, we exchange Den space primarily for goods used for Registration, Volunteer rewards, and our Charity events. For example, Charity donations have been prizes for our Charity events (poker, plinko, etc), or for our Charity Auction, and have included such things as small trinkets, fursuit partials, board games, video games, etc.

Registration donations are usually in the form of bag goodies for attendees, such as bookmarks, stickers, or other small prizes. However, be aware that our attendance is growing, with 2020 estimated around 6000. More often donations are made for our Sponsor/Super Sponsor bags, which usually number around 300 (Super Sponsor) to 900 (both types). To name a few, these have been anything from small plush toys, to prints, to vinyl stickers. It is perfectly acceptable to brand these donations with your company info so our Attendees are aware of where they came from.

We sometimes need services, as well, from loaning us equipment to pipe and drape for our event staging. We do not, currently, need any printing services as we have several entities that already assist us with this aspect.

Registration exchanges can take two forms. The first form is simply for a guaranteed space in our Den, in exchange for a low-manufacturing-cost item such as a print (we just need the digital file, not physical prints); the donation, in this case, is the time and effort that goes into creating such. The second form of exchange is more for higher-manufacturing-cost items, such as soap, plushies, stickers, key chains, etc. This exchange not only involves a guaranteed spot in our Den, but also offsetting the cost of materials/shipping with compensation such as spaces and memberships to the Con, plus covering additional costs if necessary.

If you are interested in the above, please click on the link below to submit your offer.

We will review your submission, and respond to you if this is something we can pursue. All offers of Partnership for 2020 must be received by September 15th, 2019. Offers received after this point MAY be considered for 2020, but more than likely will be held for 2021.


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